Tom has been composing and producing for TV, film and video games for more than 15 years. His music has been used for a variety of different projects, including comedy and kids’ TV shows, documentary, short film, animation, and online games...

He first started composing soundtracks in the early ’90s for fellow film students whilst studying animation at WSCAD. He then went on to produce a number of scores for S4C and BBC Wales with fellow collaborators Lyn Williams and Steve Lowe, and has since composed for numerous documentaries and short films. More recently he has produced a hugely diverse collection of music and sound design for a number of web games.



TV/Film Scores

Tom’s work in TV & film is diverse, he has composed for many genres in the industry.

Known for his versatility, he can produce music of virtually any style and instrumentation, from game-show bleeps to full orchestral scores. He also writes for a number of libraries, examples of which you can hear in the these audio clips. Follow the links to the library site to hear more.  Watch Tom’s latest Showreel on the introduction page,

If you are interested in hiring Tom as a composer or producer, please fill in your details and enquiry on the contact page.


Library music

The following tracks are registered with music production libraries, if you want to buy any of them, or to hear more, click on the relevant site.

African Woodwind
Robot Lament
Off Key Waltz

Happy Clappers
Let Battle Commence
Count Me In

Game Music

Tom’s game audio covers a huge range of games, from retro arcade to futuristic sci-fi...

Tom began writing game music as a teenager for the ZX Spectrum, Followed breifly by the SAM Coupe, and then onto PC. More recently he’s been working on various online Flash-based games. The best way to hear the audio for these games is by playing them, just click on the links and you’ll be re-directed to the game site.

If you are a game developer and are interested in using Tom’s services please send your enquiry via the contact form.


The IT Crowd

The Game of the hit C4 TV series, I was asked to emulate early '90s PC audio, complete with windows style sounds, and general MIDI theme tune.

The Alien at the Bottom of the Garden

For C4's Generation XXL series, this is an educational healthy eating game for children. I was composer and sound designer for this project.

Rather Difficult Game

I was asked to compose vintage music for this retro E4 game, I opted for a 1920's vaudeville jazz band sound, with a gramaphone quality.

Captcha Invaders

For E4 games. A traditional game with a modern twist.  I wanted to mix old with new, so I combined a 'space invaders' style sound with a full orchestral 'Mars attacks' style theme.

Space Cannibals

A parody of '80s cartoons, I went for a 'Battle of the planets' style soundtrack, full brass theme, with strings, jazz flute and funk backing band.

Janey Thomson's Marathon

The controversial arcade running game, recreated in its original glory! This game required accurate retro arcade machine sounds and music to go with the authentic visuals. I used a combination of square wave generators and SID emulators to achieve this.


Sound Design

Nearly all Tom’s work involves some sort of sound design. Whether it’s simple foley, background scenes, or completely new sound creation, most projects from TV, film, animation and in particular video games will need an element of sound design from the composer.

Tom uses a number of techniques and tools to create the perfect sounds for the image. Location recording, traditional foley techniques and a vast array of software trickery to capture the most elusive of sounds...


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Phone: +44 (0)7801 533393

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